Marine cyber-security

Today there are different types of threats and vulnerabilities in the field of cyber security in ship and port infrastructure:

     As part of the counteraction to these problems, we are ready to offer you the following solutions:

       – Information security audit;

       – Courses on Maritime cyber security;

       – Training complex with threat modeling; 

       – The protective piece of hardware in a LAN.

Inrotmation security audit

Our team of specialists has a long and successful experience in conducting information security audits in various fields.
We conducted the analysis of the specific information security threats and investigate incidents

We can provide 24-hour monitoring of the cyber security status of automated marine infrastructure systems after the audit. At your request, data on deviations in the operation of automated systems can be automatically transferred to the relevant departments of the country.

Courses on Maritime cyber security

The course program is devoted to practical issues of cybersecurity of marine infrastructure. The program deals with methods of attacks on critical marine infrastructur: ports, ships, mining marine complexes. It includes four key courses:

Theoretical foundations of cybersecurity, types of threats and methods of protection

Cybersecurity of ships

Cyber security of port facilities

Cybersecurity of industrial marine facilities

The main reason for the success of cyber attacks is the low level of training. According to statistics, only 12% of the ship’s crew members have computer literacy sufficient to understand the potential of cybercriminals.

Training complex with threat modeling

In addition to theoretical training of specialists in Marine cybersecurity, we have developed practical stands for modeling cyber attacks. Due to the high level of our experts we have developed a training complex including the main information ship systems:

Training of specialists in the field of information security at sea on the basis of specialized simulators

Retraining of crews of vessels for advanced training in counteraction and elimination of consequences of information attacks

The main competitive advantage of our training facilities is the ability to simulate real attacks

The protective piece of hardware

A set of solutions to ensure marine cybersecurity should include a system of trusted controllers of automated control systems.
We offer you a trusted controller of our own design, which is designed to ensure information security of infrastructure facilities. Our equipment allows us to detect anomalies in the network, harmful effects on the process and components of automated control systems, as well as to signal all incidents to the dispatcher or security officer.

Our team of highly qualified specialists guarantees high cybersecurity and invites you to cooperate!