The subject of cryptocurrencies does not lose relevance.

As in the times of the gold rush, people continue to actively explore the possibilities of the cryptocurrency world. 

Cryptocurrencies offer quite broad opportunities, and provide an opportunity not only to try your luck in trading crypto-currencies, but also to gain a stable income by creating a crypto-exchange.

Unlike traders, owners of crypto-exchanges always remain in the black regardless of market fluctuations.

Own crypto-exchange, also gives significant weight in the crypto community


In order for you to join the crypto community as the owner of the crypto exchange, we are ready to implement the following functions:

– Ready to work in a high number of transactions at one time;

– Cyber security (protection of system functionality from DDOS attacks, antifraud system, user protection etc);

– integration with various cold wallets of crypto-currencies in the implementation of the tasks of depositing funds to the user’s accounts on the exchange;

– Availability of API for connection

Connection is not only famous cryptocurrency and deploy the node, but also to tokenservice new cryptocurrency. That is, we must be able to configure and connect new tokens and API or other settings

– The exchange must be able to connect via API to ATMs and back, which provides input and output to cold wallets of each particular ATM

– Input / output of the exchange with the connection of individual partners in the API and individual KYC settings for simplified input/output conditions.

– and many other…